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A Baby Boy!

Hello Lorri,
I’ve been meaning to let you know about my baby boy but life is barely feeling manageable again!
His name is Adrian. He was 7 lb 4oz and 21in. A very big boy at 37 weeks who knows how big he had been by the 40th week. 
It was a beautiful birth and

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Lorri was an incredible help to me during my treatment for infertility. It was a truly awful time in my life and I would usually show up either crying, worrying, incredibly anxious or just feeling hopeless in general. She always greeted me with a genuine smile and a warm, positive attitude, both of which helped me to remain upbeat and

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Infertility and Immunology

After taking a fertility drug, I developed a horrible case of the shingles, as well as, constant severe allergic reactions. When I decided to take the fertility drug, my stress levels were high and my immune system was compromised. I learned that preparation for the use of fertility drugs is important. After the bout with shingles, I set out on

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Hello Dr. Beauchamp!

Just 5 weeks into my 10-week regime of homeopathic collagen injections, I am enthused to report a definite change in my skin.  Though my hard-earned “laugh lines” and sun damage “grooves” may take more time to fade, I see a noticeable lessening in my forehead lines, less “crepeness” in my upper lip and a

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