About Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, AP, DOM, FABORM

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Over the past 18 years., Lorri Beauchamp’s clinical experience includes a free healthcare clinic, several pregnancy and fertility centers, her own private practice, and major university hospital to enhance their IVF and integrative oncology program. She believes her experience with all these has made her the practitioner she is today.

Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, L.AC, DOM, FABORM is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She specializes in women’s health/fertility, pain management, migraines, aesthetics, and several chronic disorders of the mind and body.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Midwest College in Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Through years of intense study and practical clinical experience at the college’s free healthcare center, she discovered she had a platform for educating and speaking to people about their bodies in a manner that was easily understandable. By providing patients with basic knowledge of their own physiology they became empowered to become a part of their own healing process. While working in a hospital, she found a strong connection with women who felt disenfranchised from their own health and reproductive issues. Soon Dr. Beauchamp discovered nutritional, acupuncture, and herbal therapies all intersected to create remarkable results.

Dr. Beauchamp has had the privilege of working with hospitals, private clinics, and several large successful fertility centers in both Chicago and SE Florida. In 2012, she completed a fellowship with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. This further enhanced her vision of integrative women’s health. In private practice she expanded her skills in orthopedics, chronic illness, weight management, functional and mental health.

Not only has Dr. Lorri studied women’s health, fertility, and oncology extensively, but she has also been a patient.

Dr. Lorri has had her own diagnoses over the last several years. Although she would never wish such diagnoses on any living being, she says that it has undeniably changed the way she lives, thinks, and relates to others, particularly her patients.
“Being a patient and coming out on the other side of great illness has taught me a level of empathy I wasn’t going to achieve on my own. I understand what you are going through.”-LB

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are extremely effective. However, it also works safely in conjunction with traditional Western medicine. Dr. Beauchamp believes the future of medicine will be the merging of these two vastly different systems of medicine for optimal health of all people. Dr. Lorri’s primary goal is to listen to each patient’s unique circumstances, educate and treat them so they may gain control over their mind and body.

No matter what your health concerns are, there are several safe and effective natural integrative therapies available for many conditions. Together Dr. Lorri Beauchamp will explore those options with you and find the most suitable treatment for you and your loved ones.

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