Here's what Dr Lorri's patients have to say:
A Baby Boy!
Hello Lorri,
I’ve been meaning to let you know about my baby boy but life is barely feeling manageable again!
His name is Adrian. He was 7 lb 4oz and 21in. A very big boy at 37 weeks who knows how big he had been by the 40th week.
It was a beautiful birth and I’m very happy and feel blessed to have my boy in my arms.
It is very Challenging at times. Nights are still very different. But during the day he is starting to have a routine.
I want to thank you for all the help and time you dedicated to my case. For teaching me about my body and to look for natural remedies.
May God bless you and let you continue making a wonderful impact in your clients lives!
— I. Rodriguez
Lorri was an incredible help to me during my treatment for infertility. It was a truly awful time in my life and I would usually show up either crying, worrying, incredibly anxious or just feeling hopeless in general. She always greeted me with a genuine smile and a warm, positive attitude, both of which helped me to remain upbeat and optimistic. I looked forward to my weekly sessions under her care and believe she helped me relax in a way most doctors and health care professionals were unable to. My husband and I are now the proud, happy, sleep-deprived parents of a healthy four-month-old girl.
— Leslie
Miscarriage and Iodine
I had suffered a miscarriage earlier in the year and was nervous about becoming pregnant again.  After reviewing my health history Dr. Lorri suggested I test my iodine levels. They returned below normal levels.  I switched to a Prenatal she recommended and I became pregnant after two months! Currently I am almost 9 months pregnant and getting ready to deliver our first son!
— Christina
Migraine Help
I’d heard of Dr. Lori after she’d helped a good friend who was told she’d never get pregnant do just that. Now she’s got a beautiful boy!! I suffer migraines at one point weekly and I would be suffering for days. My husband and I have also been trying to get pregnant for over a year and I asked my ob/gym what could I do to help anything along. She said acupuncture. I knew who I was to call. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lori for about a month now. She has impeccable bedside manner, has a heart for her patients and a passion for what she does. I’m grateful that God put her in my path and look forward to children one day thanks to God putting her in my path!!
— S.W.C.
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
Dr. Lrori is the absolute best! Coming from a traditional medical background I will admit I was skeptical at first but the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend her for anyone interested in acupuncture. She takes the time to thoroughly listen to all of your concerns and is invested in your progress throughout the entire process. Thank you Dr. Lorri!
— A. Gicka
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
I was referred to Dr. Lorri by a friend who knew I was having trouble finding doctors that would take the time to listen and review all the pieces to find the underlying cause of my issues. Each doctor just seems to look at their specialty and not the whole picture. But not Dr. Lorri! She takes the time to review all the facts, understands that bloodwork on the surface may look “normal”, but knows it may not be “optimal” for the patient. She is knowledgeable, sensitive, and informative… I immediately felt at ease – felt confident I was finally being heard and that all the pieces were coming together. Through consults, recommendations, and her gentle acupuncture style I am already feeling better! With her continued help, I finally feel I’m on the right path to resolving my medical issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
— C. Haagsma
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
I’m SO happy I gave this practice a try. I’m 36 and starting my egg freezing journey with a lot of concerns about my overall fertility health. I completed the consultation service today and in the first 15 minutes of going over my health history, I could quickly tell Loris experience in this field runs deep.

She knows what questions to ask and how to best partner with you and your care team which is RARE. She’s super clear about the process and how it works which I love since I’m so new to eastern medicine. I’d recommend her to anyone who is seeking to understand their body more and heal it through a more natural process.
— D. Caron

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