The complimentary healthcare services offered at our offices are designed to help you regain control of your health, offer a new perspective on your body and renew your spirit.

At our two offices we provide Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture and herbalism, natural fertility therapies, prenatal support, B12 injections, Traumeel and other pain therapies, innovative lab testing, and other unique services listed on our therapies page.


I’d heard of Dr. Lori after she’d helped a good friend who was told she’d never get pregnant do just that. Now she’s got a beautiful boy!! I suffer migraines at one point weekly and I would be suffering for days.

My husband and I have also been trying to get pregnant for over a year and I asked my ob/gym what could I do to help anything along. She said acupuncture. I knew who I was to call. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lori for about a month now. She has impeccable bedside manner, has a heart for her patients and a passion for what she does.

I’m grateful that God put her in my path and look forward to children one day thanks to God putting her in my path!!

Hello. I am writing to say that my baby was in a breech position when I was referred to Dr. Lorri. She shared with me her textbook showing the Chinese method of burning an herb over the feet of a pregnant mother to encourage the baby to get into position. It seemed strange but harmless.

After a few visits I returned to my MD for another ultrasound. Our daughter was head down! I was so happy for this non-invasive option!

C. A.
Acupuncture, Fertility & Alternative Medicine | Dr. Lorri Beauchamp

Fertility, Prenatal, and Postnatal Support

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  • Are you anticipating an IUI, IVF, and other fertility therapies?
  • Are you hoping to conceive naturally?
  • Are you looking for pre-birth support?
  • Are you having difficulty recovering from labor and delivery?

We will work with you individually or in partnership with your physician.

Do you have acupuncture benefits? We accept workers compensation, PIP, health spending accounts, and many health insurance plans if your plan includes acupuncture benefits. We process claims for many health insurance companies including Aetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Health Care, and many other companies. Unfortunately at this time Medicare and Medicaid do not provide acupuncture benefits. However, many insurance companies do provide coverage.  Call our office to inquire about your possible benefits.

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