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Why choose a Board-Certified Reproductive Acupuncturist?

In 2011, Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, Ap decided to go through the additional training and certification process with The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and is a board certified reproductive acupuncturist. ABORM is a pioneering international organization implementing best practices in acupuncture and integrative reproductive medicine. ABORM assures that practitioners who are treating patients in the field of Reproductive Health are doing so with an advanced knowledge in integrative evidence-based care.

Why an ABORM practitioner?

ABORM members:
  • Demonstrate competency in the treatment of infertility by passing an examination which tests their knowledge of both Western and Eastern reproductive medicine for both men and women.
  • Stay current with research related to acupuncture, herbal, and functional medicine as it relates to the treatment of infertility.
  • Actively engage in clinical research as it relates to TCM and infertility.
  • Often teach and train of other fertility acupuncturist who treat patients with reproductive challenges.
  • Maintain continuing education requirements annually.

Dr Lorri Beauchamp has over 15 years’ experience in supporting women and couples with your fertility journeys. Dr. Lorri is committed to collaborating with you, your family, and fertility care team to make sure you are getting the customized treatment that works best for your specific situation.
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