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Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, LAc, DOM, FABORM

Qualifications & Degrees

Hello, my name is Lorri Beauchamp. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) specializing in reproductive health/fertility, pain management, and several other chronic disorders of the mind and body.

                            If you wonder what sets me apart from other acupuncturists? I’ve been and am a patient! -Dr.Lorri


I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the four graduate degree program at Midwest College in Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Through years of intense study and clinic hours at the college’s free city healthcare center, I discovered I had a platform for educating and treating people about their bodies in a manner that was easily understandable. By providing patients with basic knowledge of their own physiology they became a part of their own healing process. I found a strong connection with women who felt disenfranchised from their own health and reproductive issues. Nutrition, acupuncture, and herbal therapy intersected with knowledge to create remarkable results.

I’ve had the honor of working with a few, large scale successful fertility acupuncture centers in Chicago and SE Florida. In 2012, I completed a fellowship with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. This further enhanced my vision of Integrative Women’s Health. In private practice I expanded my skills in orthopedics, chronic illness, functional and mental health. I quickly realized that these aspects of the human body are interrelated.

Personally, I’ve used mainstream medicine as well alternative medicine to get through my own health experiences.  From a young age my mother took me for chiropractic to aid in a physical delays from a premature birth. As a teen, I stumble upon western “integrative” medicine and homeopathic medicine while visiting a friend’s grandparents in Poland. I found acupuncture as a young adult. Through these visits I learned the power of these tiny needles over the body and spirit-despite my deep skepticism.  

As life continues, so do health issues. I have suffered a head trauma, two cancer incidences, miscarriage and fertilty issues. This in addition to the regular bumps and bruises So, if you have a health problem, be assured I will understand the what it’s like for you to be sitting on the other side of the table. I am all ears. I am here to listen, learn and share.

In due time, I continued my studies in complimentary medicine. I am so grateful for all I have experienced not only was I able to help

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is extremely effective on its own, but it also works safely in conjunction with Western medicine. I believe the future of medicine will be the merging of these two vastly different systems of medicine for the optimal health of all people.

My primary goal is to listen to each patient’s unique circumstances, educate and treat so they may gain control over their mind and body. In addition to western medicine, there are several safe and effective therapies available for many conditions. We can explore those options together and find the most suitable treatment for you and your family.


In good health,

Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, DOM


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