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Complementary Practices and Modern Medicine

The complementary healthcare services offered in our St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay offices are designed to help you regain control of your health, offer a new perspective on your body, and renew your spirit.

We provide care using Eastern Medicine with acupuncture, supplements, nutrition, B12/vitamin injections, homeopathic injections, innovative lab testing, and other unique services listed on our services page.
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Fertility Designed Around You

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No two fertility cases are the same…so, shouldn't your treatment be tailored to you? We recognize there are several different causes for a woman’s infertility. It is our mission to find the underlying causes for your infertility diagnosis and develop a treatment plan specific to you.

Whether you are pursuing conception naturally or with the assistance of a reproductive endocrinologist, our acupuncture and fertility office is here to help you. Dr. Lorri Beauchamp is located in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay areas. She is a fellow of the
American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). Dr. Lorri is one of a select few ABORM certified practitioners in the southeastern United States. Schedule your visit and consultation with Dr. Lorri today.

“Don’t leave your chances of parenthood up to fate. Leave it up to diligence, experience, and knowledge.”- Dr. Lorri
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About Dr. Lorri Beauchamp

For 16 years, Dr. Lorri has refined her skills through robust clinical experiences at several pregnancy and fertility centers, her own private practice, and as a volunteer at a free health clinic, and a major university hospital to enhance their IVF and integrative oncology program.

Dr. Beauchamp's experiences with all these institutions have shaped her into the practitioner she is today.
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Services & Sessions

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Improve Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
The Benefits of Ongoing Acupuncture Treatments

Pain Management
Ongoing acupuncture treatments offer many benefits extending well beyond the immediate relief one might experience after a single session. One of the most profound advantages is consistent pain management. With regular acupuncture sessions, there's an opportunity to consistently target pain pathways, offering a natural alternative to painkillers and providing relief from chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and joint discomfort.

Increased Immunity and Better Sleep
Beyond pain management, acupuncture is renowned for enhancing the immune function. By stimulating the body's defense mechanisms, patients often report fewer colds and infections and a speedier recovery from illnesses. This boost in immune system health is complemented by improved sleep quality, another benefit of regular acupuncture. The treatment has been instrumental in aiding those with insomnia and other sleep disorders, ensuring patients experience fewer disturbances and a greater amount of rejuvenating REM sleep.

Better Mental State
Mental well-being is another area where ongoing acupuncture shows marked benefits. By balancing the body's energy or 'qi', stress, anxiety, and depression are alleviated, leading to improved focus, natural mood boosts, and a calm, clear mind. This mental clarity pairs well with the digestive system regulation experienced by many patients. Issues like IBS, bloating, and indigestion are often mitigated, leading to a healthier gut and better nutrient absorption.

Improved Hormonal Balance
Hormonal balance is another cornerstone benefit of consistent acupuncture treatments. Whether it is relief from PMS and menstrual cramps, support for fertility treatments, or management of menopause symptoms, acupuncture has proven to be a versatile tool in regulating hormonal imbalances. Lastly, for those battling chronic conditions, regular sessions can provide sustained relief, complementing other treatments, targeting specific symptoms, and ensuring a holistic care approach.
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Here's what our patients have to say:
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
“I was referred to Dr. Lorri by a friend who knew I was having trouble finding doctors that would take the time to listen and review all the pieces to find the underlying cause of my issues. Each doctor just seems to look at their specialty and not the whole picture. But not Dr. Lorri! She takes the time to review all the facts, understands that bloodwork on the surface may look “normal”, but knows it may not be “optimal” for the patient. She is knowledgeable, sensitive, and informative… I immediately felt at ease – felt confident I was finally being heard and that all the pieces were coming together. Through consults, recommendations, and her gentle acupuncture style I am already feeling better! With her continued help, I finally feel I’m on the right path to resolving my medical issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”
— Christy H.
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
"I’m SO happy I gave this practice a try. I’m 36 and starting my egg freezing journey with a lot of concerns about my overall fertility health. I completed the consultation service today and in the first 15 minutes of going over my health history, I could quickly tell Lorri's experience in this field runs deep.

She knows what questions to ask and how to best partner with you and your care team, which is RARE. She’s super clear about the process and how it works, which I love since I’m so new to eastern medicine. I’d recommend her to anyone who is seeking to understand their body more and heal it through a more natural process."
— Danielle C.
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
“Dr. Lorri is a wonderful acupuncturist. I have had great success with my pain relief in my elbow and wrist, with her. She really listens to you and provides a very holistic approach to the treatment. Her office space is very calm and inviting. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new acupuncturist or looking to try it for the first time. She has a friendly and professional bedside manner. ”
— Tanya L.
Fb review
I'm so looking forward to my appointment with Dr Lorri. She is an amazing healer. I feel like s new person when I leave my visit.
I must say that Dr Lorri has come through for me during more than one crisis. She asked that I be tested for a chronic condition that my internist thought was unnecessary BUT Dr Lorri was spot on. She put me on a detox and my nerve pain disappeared.
I'll stick with her instincts any time
— Shelley D.
Google review acupuncture dr. lorri beachamp st. petersburg
I have received facial acupuncture from Dr Lorrie the last 5 weeks. She is amazing! I’ve had this done in the past in another state a couple of years ago. I was in need of treatment again, but it is more expensive here in Florida. Dr Lorrie is worth every dime! She is kind, gentle, and explains what she is going to do and why. She has also helped me with my knee. She is extremely knowledgeable on Chinese medicine. I am now a regular patient!
— E.K.
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