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Infertility and Immunology

After taking a fertility drug, I developed a horrible case of the shingles, as well as, constant severe allergic reactions. When I decided to take the fertility drug, my stress levels were high and my immune system was compromised. I learned that preparation for the use of fertility drugs is important. After the bout with shingles, I set out on a path to recovery. I decided to approach my quest to be a mom with patience and help from the experts; that is when I met Dr.Lorri Beauchamp. At that time, I considered myself to be a well-balanced individual who knew how to eat right and take care of myself. I had even completed the marathon a few months before walking into her office! I had so much to learn.

DrLorri suggested supplements to reset my endocrine and immune systems, and provided treatments that ultimately restored my health and well being. I believe that her guidance saved my life. At the start of treatment, my ovulation was off and my cycles were sporadic. Today, I am ovulating on day 15 or 16 and have longer more normal cycles. I feel like my body is healthy and strong and ready for a baby now.”-P.H.

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