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Stress, Anxiety, and that Endless Chatter Inside of our Brains-A Discussion with Dr. Liz and Dr. Lorri

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”.-Albert Einstein

Lately it seems like the subject of words and how we use them has shown up repeatedly in my life. Throughout the past several years I read many books related to the subject. For example; books about water molecules and words, Books like “The Secret” or “You’re a Badass” or anything by Tolle. Recently, I watch Ted Talks on the power of words.  My own mentor continues to advise me to be mindful of  spelling and my choice of words, and a good friend asked me if I would “talk to a stranger the way I talked my own self inside of my head?”  Hmmm. The chatter inside my own brain isn’t always so positive. Interesting, right?

In enters my own experience with internal chatter, external words, post-traumatic stress, and ultimately hypnotherapy and it’s related pioneering offshoots. I was a victim of violent crime which cause relentless stress and anxiety. Halfheartedly, I sought out hypnotherapy in addition to psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy helped although I didn’t understand it. Two years later I endured a daunting cancer diagnosis, an auto accident, and a grim talk about my future alleged possibility of infertility. Feeling paralyzed by life circumstances I sought out a therapy referred to as RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy). It seemed phenomenal to me, although I didn’t thoroughly understand how it worked either.

Shortly thereafter, I began to seek out related mind-body seminars to enhance treatments for my own patients. I realized that for some people (myself included) that science helped considerably with anxiety, but wasn’t always quick enough to stop racing thoughts at any given point. I could do the acupuncture, herbs, nutritional advice, redirect everyone to all the medical doctors they could possibly imagine. But stress and anxiety could still rear its ugly head when it’s not really needed.

Stress and anxiety can be good. It is designed to make you take action. It can save us.  That’s what gets you and myself  to your MD, nurse, chiropractor, psychologist, hypnotherapist, acupuncturists,  in the first place. However, when stress and anxiety show up at 3 AM or at a hospital procedure what good is it doing anyway?  Is it helping you get through a trauma or major illness? Is it making the procedure run more smoothly? Is it helping when you’ve done everything you possibly  to improve your health well being? The answer is no. Then why are we still carrying all this stress and worry?

Below is a podcast to help answer this question. It’s an interview with my good friend Dr. Liz, PhD, licensed family counselor, hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, and author extraordinaire. She dives into my own personal history with post-traumatic stress(PSTD) and hypnotherapy and RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy). She then discusses why I have decided to incorporate “wordsmithing”, meditation, and mind-body therapy into my own practice.

This is a good reminder to think kindly regarding ourselves. It’s a component of health we quite often forget. Do not only be kind to yourself, speak and think kindly to yourself.

with kindness,

Dr. Lorri

Listen to the informational yet lively podcast below:

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