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Why Functional Nutritional Testing Is a Good Idea

Maybe you take vitamins. Maybe you do not.  Or, perhaps, like myself, you diligently take your multivitamin regiment since you are fully aware you do not eat all the fresh veggies and protein you need daily. Maybe nutritional testing is a good idea.

But here is the question… are you absorbing those nutrients?  Are those the right nutrients for your body, genetic make-up, or lifestyle?  After all, we are all metabolically unique. How do we know if what is right for me is right for you?

My big shocker came the day I received my own nutrient test results. I had been spending top dollar on a legitimate all-encompassing liquid vitamin. (I should have been clued in when everyone else felt great on it but me. I still felt tired). My test results came back. I was still severely low in most of my B vitamins. The company isolated a genetic factor called MTHFR that explained why my body wasn’t utilizing the B vitamins I was taking.  Lesson learned!!! I immediately switched to a form that was bioavailable for my body’s genetic constitution. My energy levels increased. I felt great.

Let’s fast forward two years.  I am a cancer “survivor” (I still do not like this label). I know I should not be consuming dairy. But I am eating it; in all forms. I fantasize about yogurt, sour cream, and cheese.  A few slices of goat cheese could constitute a meal. “Why?” I wondered. I was never a dairy lover before.  Once again, I decided to contact Spectra Cell laboratories to find out what was going on. Were my new multivitamins paying off?  Was I missing something?

It turns out I was missing something in my diet, but I wanted hard evidence to prove it. Spectra Cell Laboratories offers a comprehensive test that measures your bodies levels of micronutrients over the previous six months. My results showed I was severely low in calcium. Instantly, my cravings made sense.

Spectra Cell Laboratories has been performing micronutrient testing for over e decade using a patented technique called Functional Intracellular Analysis, which measures how an individual nutrient is being processed inside a cell. (In other words, if it’s being used and not passing right through you.) The test is performed on your lymphocytes, one type of white blood cell. Researchers believe cellular analysis is superior to measuring levels of nutrients in blood because blood tests do not two determine if the nutrient is actually being absorbed and utilized by the cells of your body or not.

Here’s a list of nutrients in the Spectra Cell test:

Vitamin A

B complex vitamins
B-1 (thiamine)
B-2 (riboflavin)
B-3 (niacinamide)
B-6 (pyridoxine)
B-12 (cobalamin)
Folic acid

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Amino acids and metabolites

Fatty acids
Oleic acid


Coenzyme Q-10
Alpha lipoic acid

In addition, the test also measures these specific cellular activity:

Carbohydrate metabolism (abnormalities are associated with increased diabetes risks)
Glucose-insulin interaction
Fructose sensitivity

Total antioxidant function

Low levels of antioxidants are linked to increased susceptibility to chronic degenerative diseases

Cellular immunity function 
A measure of your cell-mediated immune system performance (T-cell), and your general health


After two weeks, your results are completed. We review the initial results, and often request a consult medical consultant if deemed necessary. Spectra Cell also provides a list of recommended supplements and dosing levels, dietary suggestions, and causative factors all related to your body’s specific information and needs.

Usually Insurance not cover this test, although you can always submit an insurance claim for reimbursement, deductible requirements. Many use their Health Savings Account through their employer. Spectra Cell’s comprehensive test has dropped dramatically in cost since it was first developed. Currently testing begins at $375, and could increase depending how many additional tests you would like to include (hormones, lipids, genetics, etc). However, this is one case in which you’re getting a lot of information for your health care dollar.

So, if you’re wondering if I’m glad I did it, the answer is, “Yes.”  Frequent miscarriage, hypothyroidism, cancer, dementia, and heart disease all run in my family. If I can test or take anything now to keep those at bay in the future. I’m off to take my calcium right now. Then I’ll take my personally tailored multi-vitamin and glutathione. No regrets. I want a good quality of life for a very long time.  I’ll take whatever my body needs to do so.


with love and kindness,


Dr Lorri

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