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Dr Lorri has been navigating the complex world of assisted reproductive therapies since 2008.  She has the knowledge to review your records, medications, and communicate with your current or future physicians; all while providing scientifically proven acupuncture treatments and following ART protocols. 

Prenatal Support | Ft Lauderdale, FL

Fertility/Infertility Support

Are you ready to start a family. Studies show couples success rates can increase anywhere between 50%-80% depending on the individual case. Dr Lorri has been working with future parents for 15 plus years and has the experience to know what could be done to increase your odds by taking a thorough look at your history. 

Treatment is based on each unique individual’s case. Her role is to help you reach your family goals as safely and quickly as possible. 

Oncology Support

Dr Lorri has been a cancer patient herself and has experience at a major cancer center as both a patient and provider.  She is here to provide relief (mental and physical), help shepherd you while you’re in treatment, and later provide continued support after treatment ends. Survivorship is her passion. 

Oncology Support in Ft Lauderdale, FL
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Pain relief

Acupuncture treats pain (both acute and chronic) such as back, shoulder, knee, sciatic  as well as many other orthopedic disorders. It has been used have used for centuries to treat pain and other health problems associated with inflammation or injury.

Acupuncture releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals, increases blood flow, and reduces inflammation. 

Migraine Relief

Dr Lorri gained incredible experience the last 11 years regarding the acupuncture treatment of migraines, will has recently be proven to be as effective as medications. She not only addresses the acute symptoms, but also root causes, and self-care to reduce future incidences.  

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B12 treatment in Ft Lauderdale, FL

B12/Vit D Injections for Cognitive Function and well being

Dr Lorri provides B12, Lipotropic (weight loss promoting) B12, and Vitamin D injections and strived to make them as painless as possible. 

Traumeel for Pain Relief

Popular in Europe, Heel’s homeopathic injections, Traumeel, offer localized and systemic pain relief, a reduction in swelling and inflammation, and expedite the healing process. Dr Lorri suggests a minimum of three visits to see a significant response. 

Traumeel Injections in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Facial Rejuvenation

Through a series of 10 visits, Dr Lorri increases qi, blood flow, and which stimulates collagen production to increase and maintain a fresh youthful glow. This youthful appearance and collagen production often continues after the series of initial visits. 

Weight Loss

Over the course of 12 weeks Dr Lorri can provide additional and effective weight loss support to anyone seeking to boost whatever additional exercise regimen or diet protocol they have chosen to follow.  This is done by a combination of detoxification, hormone balancing,  lipotropic injections, strategically placed acupuncture points, and an herbal/nutritional supplement(s) in tea or capsule form.

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