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The Art of Eating Simply

This summer I have decided turn eating simply into an art. I've decided to eat for myself, shop locally at the farmer's market, and try to listen to my bodies cravings.  "Why?" you may ask. Because I wasn't feeling good, appeared swollen (in all the wrong places) and I had low energy.  I found myself [...]

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Detoxing-Why You Might Want to Give it a Chance

detox for fertility, cancer, good overall health Detox, it’s like a dirty word that makes you cringe.  However, (as many of you know) if you see me in the office (for most any complaint) this is a word that is going to show up.  A good detox, followed later by nutrition, possible supplements, [...]

What’s Your History?

Remember that time you got sick...way back when? Why your health history is actually much more than those forms you are filling out.  You may come to our doctors’ office or you go to any doctor’s office and you are asked to do it.  You need to fill out that dreaded health history [...]