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Fertility Treatments

Do you suffer from any of the following?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help!

Are you preparing for an IUI, IVF, and other reproductive therapies?  Are you hoping to conceive naturally?  Are you hoping to resolve your fibroids or heavy bleeding?  We will work with you, or you and your  medical doctor.

Infertility? How did I get here?

It is very rare that an acupuncture clinic is the first stop on a woman’s journey to become pregnant. In fact, if you are like most women you tried naturally and then tried several other conventional methods before considering the use of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is common to hear that couples have been trying for years, tried absolutely everything, and spent an insurmountable amount of money.

When you enter our clinic doors, you may have been labeled as being infertile. If conception and pregnancy have not come easily for you, please know it doesn’t necessarily mean you are infertile. Cycling women of child bearing age should be physiologically capable of conceiving and bearing children. Unless there is physical defect with a woman’s reproductive anatomy or she has reached an age beyond child bearing years, she should be able to conceive. She, I, you, we are fertile. It was what we were designed to do. Our bodies are designed conceive and bear children.

If I am fertile, why don’t I have a child?

Perhaps you have tried naturally for years. Or perhaps you have selected the best reproductive endocrinologist who selected the best sperm and the best egg. However, you still do not have a child. Although we our fortunate to have modern science on our side, there are a number of factors that can inhibit your ability to become pregnant and carry a child. Remember, the body is a complex mechanism consisting of all types of biochemical actions and reactions. If any these actions aren’t happening correctly, the body will not successfully carry a child. Our goal is to get your body operating at optimal levels so it can carry a child. As we like to say, “life can only grow in the right terrain.We bring the body back to its natural, healthy state so conception may occur and a child can grow.

The value of using Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it strives to bring the body back to its natural healthy state (homeostasis). Once this happens, Mother Nature (or life) will take over and perform its job.

At our clinic, we know every patient is an individual.We understand that your situation is unique and take an extensive look at the various factors that have inhibited you from becoming pregnant or delivering a child. Our job is to figure out what those specific factors are for each individual and address them appropriately. Once these contributing factors are addressed fertility is restored.

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